TVI Booster Meeting

Good evening!

First of all, THANK YOU to all the parents who came to our meeting last night! We had a great turnout, and we have a great start to our sign up lists for TVI needs!

Next, I would like to take a minute to let you know that we have been known as one of the most hospitable and well organized marching band competitions. (We were even selected to host the very 1st Alabama State Marching Band Championship two weeks after hosting our own TVI! They knew that we would do a great job and we did!). We really missed being able to host last year. This year we want to continue in the same great tradition and would love for all of our parents to be a part!

If you were unable to make it to the meeting, here are the areas where we need help.

(Please keep in mind, we do not have time slots to fill yet. The deadline for bands to sign up is October 1st. Once we know for sure how many bands have entered, Mr. Waters will figure out the schedule. Then we will contact you about times. You can go ahead and let us know the area that interest you. We will also put these on our volunteer link after times are figured out. If you have selected a time and an area beforehand, we will fill this in on the volunteer link).

*Concession Stands – (Heather Foster) We will need a few parents earlier in the day, but the greatest need will be in the evening. We do have a few extra menu items such as potatoes that we will need extra help with. Students will be able to help until call time for them to prepare for their exhibition.

*Hospitality – (Tiana Brook) We will need certain food and drink items brought for our hospitality rooms – we provide one in the high school library for the bus drivers and one in the middle school library for the band directors and staff. We also provide a steak dinner for our band directors later in the evening. Please know that in addition to bringing one of the items requested, we also need you to work a shift in one of our areas. Tiana may also need a few helpers to work in these two hospitality areas. Students will be able to help in this area as well.

*Gate Workers – (Tanya Trousdale) we will have three gates to cover for admission: the lower gate by the lower concession stand, the gate by the Trojan store and the gate by the athletic facility. A tent, table and chairs will be provided for each of these gates. Students are welcome to help at the gates; however, an adult must be present with the cash box at all times. We will have go fan type tickets in addition to cash and debit/credit cards. These workers are also responsible for stamping attendee’s hand. Programs will also be placed on these tables.

*Dressing Rooms – (Brandi Edwards) As of right now, Brandi has enough help with the dressing rooms located in the gym. Students will be able to help in this area as well.

*Pit Crew – (Jon Wright) This area is for band parents to help with only – no students. It involves parking, monitoring barricades, directing traffic, moving each band’s equipment to and from the field. We would love to have you help us with this area. Also, if you have a golf cart, off road vehicle or trailer that we could borrow, please contact me so that I can let Jon know. We keep these locked up inside the stadium gates so they will be secure when not in use. These will be used to transport the band’s equipment.

(Students will also be used as band guides and stamping hands of band students.)

**Mr. Waters will have the list for students to sign up for the different areas.

As you can see, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into the Tennessee Valley Invitational Marching Competition! We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Other important things discussed –

Water drop off next Friday night, Sept. 24th. Please bring a case of water to the upper concession stand if you have not donated one yet or if you want to donate more 🙂 We provide 2 bottles of water to each band student at every game and competition.

Our 1st band competition to compete in is next Saturday, Sept. 25th at Russellville High School. Mr. Waters will let us know when he receives the schedule. Also – we have a correction to make on the admission and parking amount announced last night. Instead of $5 admission and $5 parking, it will be $8 admission per person and free parking. We try our best to sit together to cheer our students on when they take the field for competition. Sometimes it isn’t possible, but we will try 🙂 Please come out and cheer for your students/our band! They are working really hard and love to hear the parents cheering them on! You can see it in the way they look and act – this is what all the hard work is for!!

We still have some extra show shirts for sale, if you are interested let me know! (256-483-9097)

Thank you for your time and please reach out to me if you have any questions!

Kristi Clark, Band Booster President

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