Two announcements, JUNIOR SENIOR volunteer uniform fitting and locker clean out, this Wednesday 2:30-5:00

Hello students. This Wednesday, 6/9, we would like to invite as many juniors and seniors who are in town and can come up to get uniform fitted between 2:30-5:00. This is just a way to get a head start on the upcoming year. If you cannot, no big deal we will get you later. This is the just the first opportunity to do so.

On the same day, we would like a few student volunteers to help us do a locker clean out (something that didn’t get done before school ended). If you would like to volunteer, some get fitted and help us clean up.

See you Wednesday!

another note: Students who use school owned horns! We sent off a very large amount of instruments for repair. You may be without a horn until July 6th. It was something we desperately needed. Hang in there and we hope to have you fixed up by July 6th.

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