Schedule through end of season

I am currently working on the Hoover day schedule. Still need to come up with an ACT plan. As soon as that is established I will create a full schedule.

Monday 10/18 4th block rehearsal

Tuesday 10/19 4th block rehearsal, 5:30-8:00 stadium rehearsal

Wednesday 10/20 4th block rehearsal

Thursday 10/21 4th block, 3:30-4:30

Friday 10/22 4th block rehearsal, home game against Cullman, 5:30 call, load trucks after

Saturday 10/23 HOOVER COMPETITION, performance time 4:45pm, full schedule later


Monday 10/25 4th block rehearsal

Tuesday 10/26 4th block homecoming music rehearsal, 5:30-8:00 stadium rehearsal show

Wednesday 10/27 4th block rehearsal homecoming court 3:30-4:00, 8:00pm PEP RALLY

Thursday 10/28 Homecoming Parade, 5:30 game call, HOMECOMING GAME HALFTIME (no comp show)

Friday 10/29 4th block rehearsal, 5:30-8:00 stadium rehearsal


After state championships, there will be no more after school practices on Tuesday and Thursday. We will transition to indoor performance and prepare for veterans day and Christmas concert material. There will also be a concert band audition to determine band placement for students after the Christmas concert. After state championships, all students will need to play their concert horns such as French horns, oboes, concert tubas, concert baritones, and so forth.

We will plan to practice the marching band show on game days only, and we will also march a Christmas parade December 13 that we will rehearse outside for.

Friday night games continue as long at the football team is in the playoffs! We will add more music to our stands material and really have a great time cheering for our trojans!

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