Friday night, load all equipment after game.

ACT students, we have allowed in the past for those taking the test to depart after halftime. It is an important game, however. The winner will determine a lot for the playoffs.


12:00 doors open

1:00 departure time

3:30 arrival time HOOVER

4:00 warm up

4:45 performance

5:00 load equipment back onto trucks

5:45 back to stadium for concessions and awards

9:30 back on buses head for home

11:45pm unload

ACT STUDENTS: Most people I talked to were taking it at MSHS. Some however are not. Here is the plan.

If you are taking the ACT at another venue, take your uniform with you and have your parents take you to the contest if you cannot make it back to the band room in time. It is possible to meet us in route if it worked out that way.

I have pushed the departure time as far back as we are comfortable. Warm up is 4:00, and our arrival time is 30 minutes before that. Usually, it’s always an hour. If we have any traffic issues on I65, it’s gonna be tight.

If you are taking the ACT on another campus, please talk to me personally and give me your plan.

All ACT test takers, you need to have all your things together after the ball game Friday night ready. Have a food plan because you will not have time to go anywhere after the test and before our departure.

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